Pink Rose: A Review of Atlanta Episode Eight


In the latest episode of Atlanta entitled The Club we see Earn, Alfred and Darius make an appearance at a local club. Sounds mundane right? Well it’s not! Continue reading “Pink Rose: A Review of Atlanta Episode Eight”


Portraying it Poorly: A Review of Atlanta Season one Episode Seven


The seventh episode, ‘B.A.N’, in the FX series Atlanta is an experimental one. Designed to be an episode of a fake talk show called Montague, the episode uses this tool to examine several different ideas surrounding race, sex and identity in the city of Atlanta. Continue reading “Portraying it Poorly: A Review of Atlanta Season one Episode Seven”

Van’s Perspective: A Review of Atlanta Season One Episode Six


In my review of the last episode of Atlanta I said that it seemed like Donald Glover doesn’t want any of his characters to succeed.

Continue reading “Van’s Perspective: A Review of Atlanta Season One Episode Six”

Into a Bizarre World: A Review of Atlanta: Season One, Episode Five



I like this series and I’m behind, so I’m going to review the next episode right now. Here is my interpretation of Atlanta season one, episode five. Continue reading “Into a Bizarre World: A Review of Atlanta: Season One, Episode Five”

Omens of Danger


So I said I would do one of these reviews once a week and like with my last posts, I’ve fallen behind, which seems to have become a running theme in this blog. So sorry for that, but hopefully it will stop today, with this review of episode four of Atlanta. Enjoy. Continue reading “Omens of Danger”

The Way it Feels: A Review of Atlanta: Episode Two


As I promised, today I will be reviewing episode two of Donald Glover’s new show Atlanta. I always assume that people will know that these reviews contain spoilers, I write a lot of these reviews as sort of companion piece to the movies and television shows themselves, so they might be enjoyed more if you have actually seen the television show or movie before you read my review and less will be spoiled for you. Anyways enjoy the review! Continue reading “The Way it Feels: A Review of Atlanta: Episode Two”

Selfish But Determined: A Review of Atlanta: Episode One


So Donald Glover finally, after talking about it for so long, released his show, Atlanta. This thing has been in the making for so long that I actually heard at one point that it was going to be a live show featuring only musical guests? Did anyone else hear that? Well anyways it’s a Dramady and the first two episodes came out yesterday so I decided to review them. And since I can’t watch this show all at once, I decided to review the show episode by episode. So I’m going to review episode two tomorrow and then review every other episode the day they come out. But for now episode one, enjoy! Continue reading “Selfish But Determined: A Review of Atlanta: Episode One”