Portraying it Poorly: A Review of Atlanta Season one Episode Seven


The seventh episode, ‘B.A.N’, in the FX series Atlanta is an experimental one. Designed to be an episode of a fake talk show called Montague, the episode uses this tool to examine several different ideas surrounding race, sex and identity in the city of Atlanta. Continue reading “Portraying it Poorly: A Review of Atlanta Season one Episode Seven”


Fallacies and Misrepresentation: A Review of Denial


Today was my Saturday and because I didn’t have to work and I had nothing to do I decided to go see a movie. The movie I saw was Denial and I thought it was fascinating. The movie seemed to be very relevant to a particular American presidential candidate’s story. Without further ado here is my review of Denial. Continue reading “Fallacies and Misrepresentation: A Review of Denial”

An Artist’s Compass: A Review of MY WOMAN


In one of the first posts on this website I reviewed the album Burn Your Fire For No Witness by Angel Olsen. In my review I raved about the style and tone Olsen managed to create with that album. And only now, three months later and a month after its release am I getting around to review her next album MY WOMAN. Continue reading “An Artist’s Compass: A Review of MY WOMAN”

Left and Right: A Review of Adam Pally’s Growing Collection of Starring Roles


It seems like Adam Pally is really trying to make a run at being a movie star these days because he has been knocking back starring movie rolls left and right. Continue reading “Left and Right: A Review of Adam Pally’s Growing Collection of Starring Roles”

Flat Growth: A Review of Dirty 30


Dirty 30 is the latest movie starring the three YouTube stars, Hanna Hart, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig. In 2014 the trio starred in the movie Camp Dakota and this year they are following it up with the film Dirty 30. Continue reading “Flat Growth: A Review of Dirty 30”

Van’s Perspective: A Review of Atlanta Season One Episode Six


In my review of the last episode of Atlanta I said that it seemed like Donald Glover doesn’t want any of his characters to succeed.

Continue reading “Van’s Perspective: A Review of Atlanta Season One Episode Six”

Uplifting This Time: A Review of Preoccupations


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review of an album called Viet Cong by a band called Viet Cong and today I am going to review an album called Preoccupations by a band called Preoccupations. Is there any symbolism in the fact that these are the same bands and this is there second album? I don’t know but if you read this review you just might find out.

Continue reading “Uplifting This Time: A Review of Preoccupations”