And I Thank You, I Thank You for Doing Your Duty


Some of my personal favourite Leonard Cohen songs

Leonard Cohen is a Canadian artist. That means a lot to me. He truly created some profound art. I loved discovering him and I loved how prolific he was. Today is a sad day.

  1. Everybody Knows – This song, a little more important now than ever before, rocked me when I was a teenager. It was exactly the sort of amazing mysterious song that you need to uncover when you’re a young. With the heavy backing melody mixed with the uplifting strings and Leonard Cohen’s deep voice, it is a very unique and wonderful song.
  1. So long, Marianne – I love the slow, offbeat rhythm guitar in this song. I love the lyric, “I thought was some kind of gypsy boy”. I love the background singers of the chorus. I love how it is a little sad and mostly uplifting. I love the violin and the experimentation.
  1. Teachers – Often Leonard Cohen songs can be powerful and forceful and none of them come at you like teachers. The powerful themes of self love and self harm are delivered to you with a cacophony of the tapping acoustic guitar.


  1. One of Us Cannot Be Wrong – There are so many emotions to feel when I listen to this song. So many that are so deep.
  1. All Singers Must Die – Yes, it is a little morbid, but this song is really interesting and very poetic and a little funny and it is always worth a listen.
  1. The Smokey Life – a song of the seventies, maybe a little influenced by Motown. This song is so loving.
  1. Dance Me to End Of Love – This song is like a nightmare carnival, but also it’s also really fun? One of my favourite Cohen songs, Dance Me To The End Of Love shows his originality and creativity as an artist.`
  1. The Captain – Various Positions was such a weird album. This is one of the songs that made it that way. It seems kind of like a song that would open a children’s program or something? But then it is really heartfelt and profound? It is freaky and great.
  1. If It Be Your Will – One of the most Leonard Cohen of the Leonard Cohen songs. It is sparse and solemn and so full of love and yearning. The Melody of the guitar makes me feel so many things and I love it.
  1. Anthem – I love this song if only for the line, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen is a poet.


That’s it for now. Listen to his music and enjoy his art and be happy. Thanks for reading.


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