So Many Montages: A Review of Bad Moms


For what it is, Bad Moms isn’t a bad movie. If you have had a long day and you just want to shut off your brain and have fun, Bad Moms is the perfect movie, but for the more discerning movie goer Bad Moms has some problems.

So there is a voiceover that is played over a montage to begin the movie and let me tell you, there are a ton of montages in this movie, like five or six different montages. But what the voiceover does is introduce us to Mila Kunis’ character, Amy Mitchell and it establishes her as an overworked mom.


In Kunis’ voice over she says that SHE feels like the worst mom in the world but what the montage is telling us is that the WORLD is putting unfair pressure on her as a person. This is the main idea that runs through the movie, that mom’s have too much pressure put on them and that once in a while they should be able to relax or let loose and have some fun.

This is a nice idea but the story doesn’t really deal with this problem in any real way. While Kunis is running through her day we see that her boss under values her and gives her no respect, her husband gives her no parental support and then it turns out he is cheating on her and then other moms at her school give her shit for not living up to their expectations.


So the things Kunis’ character has to deal with in this movie really pile up and all of her problems when you add them all up just seem a little crazy.

But back to the moms who give Kunis shit.

At the school that Kunis’ kids go to there is a weird pack of adult mean girls lead by Christina Applegate. Christina Applegate is also the leader of the PTA. And oh my god she is a piece of work. Christina Applegate seems to excel at these types of roles.

So a bunch of forgettable scenes happen, cue the montages, we meet Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn’s characters and then Mila Kunis decides that she has had enough of being overworked and under appreciated so she decides to shirk her responsibilities and become a “bad mom”.


One my main complaint about this movie is that it has so little to say. I get it, it’s a celebration of moms but I just wish it would give us more of an explanation about why these moms in particular feel the need to just completely stop trying as adults.


So Kunis gets fired from her job because she hasn’t gone into work since she skipped that first meeting and this is when the consequences for her actions finally start showing themselves. Christina Applegate plants two joints in Mila’s daughter’s locker to get her banned from all extra curricular activities visa vie the soccer team.

This shows that Mila’s actions are starting to affect her children’s well being.

Also Because of the way she has been acting her entire family leaves her (children and dog).

So this feels like the point where she might want to question some of her choices or think about whether or not what she is doing is right. But, now she just lays on the couch and watches 12 Years A Slave.


It isn’t until Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell come over and give her a pep talk that she decides to get off the couch, get motivated and win the PTA election! Which is storyline that is building throughout the film, but it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that Mila wins! And then magically all of her problems are solved! Her kids comeback, her boss hires her back because the company is falling apart with out her and even Christina Applegate apologizes to her and they become friends.

Another problem I have with this movie is that it feels so unrealistic, the entire movie couldn’t have happened in real life, the characters don’t feel like real people so the story just isn’t believable.

Also there is a romantic sub plot but it’s so forgettable that I’m not even going to bother to talk about it.

So that’s it. That is all that happens in the movie. Does Kunis figure out how to balance her own happiness with her responsibilities? No! but who cares, it was a fun movie!


So as you can tell I didn’t really like this movie, but if you liked this review please give it a like or just comment or follow this blog. Thanks for reading.


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