Left and Right: A Review of Adam Pally’s Growing Collection of Starring Roles


It seems like Adam Pally is really trying to make a run at being a movie star these days because he has been knocking back starring movie rolls left and right.

He starred in Search Party (2014), and then Slow Learners (2015), and finally Joshy (2016) and then recently Night Owls (2015) was released on Netflix. It stars, of course, Adam Pally and Rosa Salazar and it is the latest in a string of releases starring Adam Pally. The movie was written by Seth Goldsmith and Charles Hood and it was directed by Charles Hood.

Night Owls is a little, self contained romantic comedy centered around the night Rosa Salazar’s character Madeline attempts suicide. The two characters are stuck in a house together and are forced to examine their lives through each other’s perspective.

Thematically this movie doesn’t cover too much ground. Two perspectives clash, the career oriented perspective, presented by Pally and the life oriented perspective, presented by Salazar are thrown at each other with not much persuasion happening on either side until the end of the movie when, spoilers, Pally gives up his career oriented perspective for Salazar as a romantic gesture.


Both Pally and Salazar give fine performances, with some moments standing out as a little artificial and other moments that are sort of obvious and take you out of the movie. For instance, when Salazar makes fun of Pally’s laugh, it seems fairly obvious that the joke comes from their real lives. But for the most part the pair fill their roles well. Pally, gives a fairly captivating performance as the straight-laced Kevin, straying a little bit from his some what type casted role of loveable stoner. Salazar also gives a decent performance, the character she is playing is quite interesting and I think she does a good job of not getting in the way of that.

Overall, Night Owls was entertaining. I never got bored of the story and I never got sick of the characters. The ending was typical of a movie like this but the story itself was fairly interesting. It’s a great Netflix movie and a solid contributing to Pally’s growing collection of starring roles.


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