Flat Growth: A Review of Dirty 30


Dirty 30 is the latest movie starring the three YouTube stars, Hanna Hart, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig. In 2014 the trio starred in the movie Camp Dakota and this year they are following it up with the film Dirty 30.

The plot of the film is fairly run-of-the-mill, a women in a rut begins to feel like she hasn’t accomplished enough in both her professional and romantic life and on her Thirtieth birthday her two friends throw her a party to cheer her up. It is a not too complicated story with not too complicated characters.

But for all of Dirty 30’s simplicity it is not a bad film, sure it is a little clichéd and the trio of YouTube stars aren’t really breaking any new ground. Really the worst part about this movie is that it is boring.

For a movie to be centered around a party nothing really crazy happens. There is a party montage thrown in there somewhere in the middle where we are treated to different shots of people consuming alchohol, but really it is sort of a tame evening as far as party’s go.


Aside from the party the character arcs are quite boring themselves. Kate Fields, played by Mamrie Hart, is the main character who is stuck in a rut and over the course of the movie learns that she is okay with where she is in life. Evie, played by Grace Helbig, one of Kate’s best friends is stuck in a loveless marriage and over the course of the movie she gathers the courage to leave her husband. And finally, Charlie, played by Hanna Hart, is trying to overcome her overly competitive tendencies to make her fiancé happy and over the course of the movie reveals that she in fact has already conquered her competitive nature. That one is a weird one.

The problem with all three of these characters stories, as I said above, is that they are just too boring. The characters face a little bit of conflict, are a little bit introspective, go to a party, think on their problems for a bit and then solve them.

What the makers of this movie need to realize is that something has to happen or a character has to do something that shows them the solution. They can’t just suddenly figure out how to change their lives, we need to see why they change or their growth just falls flat.

In all honesty, this was a fairly entertaining movie. I think for the most part it is interesting that YouTube stars are making the jump into movies. This movie, if nothing else, has that going for it. That it is a part of a trend that might be part of the future of filmmaking. Hopefully we get some movies from YouTubers with a little more meat on them.


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