Omens of Danger


So I said I would do one of these reviews once a week and like with my last posts, I’ve fallen behind, which seems to have become a running theme in this blog. So sorry for that, but hopefully it will stop today, with this review of episode four of Atlanta. Enjoy.

The episode starts with Earn, Darius and Alfred outside of a Paper Boi concert, they run into a (somewhat) fan, throughout the episode this fan proceeds to attack Alfred online. When Alfred confronts the fan he doesn’t find much satisfaction.

In the mean time Earn and Darius go on an adventure. Darius leads Earn around Atlanta trading things to get a bigger and bigger payout, at the end of their journey Earn figures out that their payout isn’t quite what he bargained for.


Zan, the Paper Boi fan, says a lot in an episode that has a lot to say. He lays out, in perfect detail, what is actually going on in these character’s lives when he says, “You’re exploiting your situation.” Isn’t that just the best way to describe these characters? They are all just trying to make a life for themselves. I mean what is Earn doing if not exploiting his situation?

But the only problem with this philosophy is that these characters aren’t going to hit it big and become famous. Donald Glover doesn’t want to present a show about someone’s big break, he’s telling a story about how impossible it is to become famous in Hip Hop. Which is why, at the end of the episode, every one of the characters that the audience is rooting for is ultimately disappointed. Alfred with his confrontation with Zan and Earn with his bargaining adventure because this mission that they are all on is near impossible.

‘Keep on keepin’ on’ is written across the front of Earn’s shirt and I think that the best these characters have to hope for despite of the omens of danger this episode was filled, the gun pointing in Earn’s face, the Katana, the aids billboard, the gas masks. It is definitely hinting at some interesting plotlines in the future.

Thank you for reading; I hope this wasn’t too confusing, I wrote this at about four o’clock in the morning while in an inebriated state. Please like, follow and comment!


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