Upper Middle Class Measured Emotion: A Review of The Intervention


The Intervention is another movie about a group of upper middle class white people dealing with some sort of slightly contrived problem. It reminds me a lot of the movie About Alex except in that movie a group is assembled at a vacation house to deal with a friends suicide attempt and in this movie a group is assembled at a vacation house to deal with a troubled marriage.

But for all of the similarities, The Intervention does a great job at showing you what the characters are going through. Although all of the friends are gathered at the vacation house to hold an intervention for a specific married couple, each person has problems of their own that they are not really dealing with. Melanie Lynsky’s character has a troubling alcohol problem, Ben Schwartz’ character wife died a year and half before the events of the film and Clea DuVall’s character has commitment issues that is causing trouble in her relationship.

One thing I really like about this movie is that the characters, with all of their problems, cant move forward in their lives and, specifically in their relationships, until they start to communicate better. There are so many things that each person keeps hidden inside them and it is not until all of their dirty secrets get pulled out into the light, that they start deal with them and they start to move forward.


The performances in this movie are very well done. Each actor in the ensemble cast seems to bring steady and measured emotional performance to the film. In particular Colbie Smolders and Vincent Piazza, who played the aforementioned married couple, do a very good job dealing with characters that have a lot of emotional ground to cover. But the entire cast is great. Ben Shwartz is terrific in his portrayal of a man who lost his wife, Melanie Lynskey is great as this borderline alcoholic women. Everyone knocks it out of the park.


While movie doesn’t do much to traverse some new conceptual ground, what it does is get beneath surface of each character and show you who they are as a three-dimensional person. And it does a great job doing this. It’s a nice little indie-flick and definitely I’d recommend it.

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