Here for the Jokes: A Review of Brother Nature


Brother Nature is a fairly cliché story. A man wants to propose to his girlfriend, his obnoxious brother-in-law get’s in the way, the man and woman break up, the man changes and then he finally proposes to girlfriend, happily ever after. But the best part of this movie is not the bare-bones plot it’s the jokes. With a cast featuring Taran Killam, Gillian Jacobs, Bobby Moynihan, Sarah Burns, Rachel Harris, Kumail Nanjiani, and many more hilarious comedians, plus it being produced by Lorne Michaels, the jokes are going to take center stage.

And this movie is very joke heavy; it is kind of a joke machine. Because of that the plot is very minimal and it is there just to set up these comedic set pieces, like when Taran Killam’s character eats a whole bag of pot potato chips and goes crazy, the movie is sort of built around these comedic set pieces. But luckily, the comedic moments land so that structure of putting the jokes first pays off.

Bobby Moynihan is hilarious in this movie, he is one of my favorite SNL cast members in recent years and his comedic acting chops really shine in this movie. His character is just a ball of energy, which could be annoying but Moynihan is such a professional and so smooth in the delivery of his jokes, changing from over the top to subtle so smoothly that the performance is just entertaining.

The plot moves along at a very slow place, not a lot gets done, as I said a lot of attention is given to comedic moments rather than character or plot development. Like in the first act where we see that Taran’s character Roger wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him but get’s stuck having to deal with his brother-in-law, played by Bobby Moynihan. The movie spends a lot of time on the hilarity that ensues between Moynihan and Killam and that’s were most of the drive of this movie comes from, Taran and Moynihan. Taran plays straight man to Moynihan’s clown and the two work so well together.


Now, as I said, the movie is very cliché and it is also quite predictable, it is not covering any new ground, but if you show up for this movie you’re not there for the plot you’re there for the jokes, and that’s really where is shines.

Well, that’s all I have to say about this movie, if you liked this review, please comment, like or follow me on WordPress or like my Facebook page for updates on all my blog activities. Thanks for reading!




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