Will the Real Rap God Please Stand Up: A Review of Eminem’s Rap God


Rap God is a song that I find myself going back to quite often. Not only is it catchy and impressive, but also there is some meaning in it that is hard to overlook. So today, I’m going to review one of my favorite Eminem songs, Rap God.


The song itself, comes from The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which was released on November fifth, 2013. It was release three years after Recovery and thirteen years after The Marshall Mathers LP. This album was years, maybe even decades in the making. And, more than anywhere else on the album, you can hear that on this song.

Eminem has had a long career in Hip Hop. Starting his Career in 1992 in underground Hip Hop scenes and releasing his first solo record, Infinite, in 1996, Eminem has been around for a long time. And so, with such a storied career, he has had his rise and fall with fame.

As far as I can remember, Eminem blew up in 1999 when he released The Slim Shady LP. After that record was release, in the late nineties and the earlier ought’s Eminem had made it. He made a movie about his life, sold millions of records, and won an Oscar. But fame soon got to him, he seen addicted to prescription pills.

With his addiction, his fame and his social relevance began to wane. The popularity of Hip Hop, in general, faded and so did Eminem’s popularity. But this and his addiction didn’t stop him. From 2009 to 2012 He released three records, including The Marshall Mathers LP. He kicked his addiction and he had, in essence, returned to claim his place on the throne. But he’s not a king, Eminem is a rap god.

This battle is felt in the song. In the first Eminem raps, “Made a living and killing off it, since Bill Clinton was still in Office,” citing his lengthy and lofty career in music. In the second verse he raps, “Only hall of fame Ill be inducted in is the alcohol of fame, on the wall of shame,” expressing how despite his success, he still feels like he might have messed up some of his life. But then he comes back later in the second verse with, “Fuck being normal,” and we see him embracing his past and all that he’s been through and with the last line of the song, “Why be a king, when you can be a God,” we see him not only embracing his demons, but rising out of the turmoil of his life and taking his place in the history of music.


So those were my thoughts on Rap God by Eminem. It’s not much, but I love that song and wanted to say something about it, hopefully you enjoyed it. As always, like, follow, comment.


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