The Only Reason to Start a Band: A Review of Sing Street


I think I must have been asleep while this movie came out because I can’t believe I missed it. The movie I’m reviewing today is called Sing Street and it is wonderful. It was written and directed by John Carney. It stars Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Kelly Thornton, Jack Reynor, Ian Kelly, and Maria Doyle Kennedy.

The main theme of this movie is art as a means of escape. When the movie opens we see the protagonist, Conor, is being moved to a much rougher, cheaper, catholic school because his parents can’t afford to send him to a private school. The movie is set in Ireland in the 80’s and no one can find a job. Mobs of people are fleeing to England to find a better life. The movie does a good job of setting up the fact that people are struggling just to live.

Enter Conor, he is sent to this catholic school, doesn’t really have any real identity of his own and he starts a band. Why does he start a band? The only reason anyone starts a band, because of a girl. So Conor starts a band and he shoots a music video and this girl that he likes is in it. And just because of this tiny moment where Conor tries to get closer to this girl the whole story is created.


Eventually an artistic spark is created between Conor and Barry and the band takes off, artistically at least, and Conor gets to express the frustration he feels about so many things. The band even gives Conor the confidence to stand up to his bully.

But even the bully, who seems to be this Irish hooligan type figure, is taken out of his terrible life by the prospect of being the bands roadie. Even the bully uses art as an escape. They literally come to his house and pull him out of his parents’ apartment to bring him to this concert that they hold at the school.


One of the greatest things about this movie is to see Connor going through different phases. When he is a fan of Duran Duran he dresses like Duran Duran. When he is a fan of The Cure he dresses like Robert Smith. Every time he finds a new musical inspiration, all of the sudden his appearance changes and I think that is just so representative of so many different kids adolescents.

Also this review would not be complete without mentioning the music. In the movie, the characters describe their music as “Futurist”. Really, they are a new wave band, but they’re quite a good one and songs like, “Drive it like you stole it” and “The Riddle of The Model” are a little rough, but also catchy and entertaining.


Sing Street is a journey of a teenager and if you want a the coming of age story of an artist, this is a great movie to watch.

Also, of course this is the writer who writer Begin Again, of course it is.

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