The Penultimate Point of Destruction: A Review of The Beatles’ Abbey Road


There is only one thing to talk about when you talk about this album and that is its second half.

From You Never Give Me Your Money The Beatles built this slow musical ascension. Eight songs, woven together in a unifying musical theme slowly build until they reach their musical climax with The End.

The End is this beautifully balanced song, with an upbeat introduction verse that bolsters bombing drums and badass guitar riff, it builds up its own momentum until the penultimate point of destruction and then the music just cuts off, leaving you wanting. And then you get this nice, light piano and Paul Mccartney’s words, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Which is a beautiful summation of the entire message of the Beatles’ music. The song is saying that to get love you have to give love and The Beatles are a band that gave love. From their earlier days when they were just a boy-band singing about love songs, to their later days on Let It Be, the resounding theme of The Beatles is love and this song just sums everything up for you. That is why this is my favorite Beatles album. I mean, you also get Come Together, Something, Oh Darling, Here Comes The Sun, but those songs pale in comparison to the masterful musical weaving of the second half of this album.


Well, that’s all I have for you, this was a short one, but with the Beatles and particularly with this album, I feel that not a lot has to be said, if you just listen you can hear the power.

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