A Movie With Cool People: A Review Of Sleeping With Other People

Unnumbered Movie Review #5



Sleeping With Other People starts with a classic romantic comedy set up, a womanizer who can’t take his relationships seriously and a woman has an obsession with a man who doesn’t love each her find each other and fall in love. Also, they lost their virginity to each other!

It is a very run of the mill romantic comedy set up and, spoilers, in the end couple falls in love and get married. But I think it is a uniquely interesting romantic comedy not because of the story it tells but because of the way it tells its story. It is raunchy and edgy and it tries to put its own spin on the boring old boy meets girl story that most romantic comedies have.

The movie stars Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie. In this movie Sudeikis plays the same role he plays in every other movie, the charming rogue with a quirky side. But with this performance in particular there is a little more emotional depth and a little more passion in his performance. Sudeikis’s performance shines so well in this movie because he just fits so well into this world, everything his character does seems properly motivated.

On the other hand Alison Brie’s performance is outstanding. On the surface her character is this outgoing, casually sexual woman but underneath the surface she is a very troubled woman and Brie really pulls this off. Their are scenes in this movie where Brie is having panic attacks and nervous breakdowns and it lends so much depth to the character.

Unfortunately, the problem I have with this movie is the problem I have with every romantic comedy, which is that it suggests that finding a romantic partner is the only important thing you can do with your life. And because of I found myself losing interest throughout the film.

One of the better parts of the movie is that even though Sudeikis and Brie are playing two different archetypes (of sorts), when their worlds meet and they interact the result is very entertaining and the interplay with these two types, the charming rouge and casually sexual, is compelling. The relationship they develop over the course of the movie, first a friendship and then later a romantic relationship seems to be held together by a deep emotional bond, so when you get to the end of the movie and they finally get married it is at least a satisfying ending.

MV5BOTQ5Njc3ODgtYTM2Zi00YTczLTgwN2YtNzcwOTNmZmNjNGMyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTkyODcwNjc@._V1_Look at that charming rogue and that casual vixen.

Also the people in this movie are cool, they just are. Besides Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie you have Jason Mantzoukas, Amanda Peet, Adam Scott (who does a brilliant job playing the villain in this movie) Natasha Lyonne, and Andrea Savage. The characters in this movie have interesting lives and they live in New York and despite their problems, you start to envy their lives. I think that is where this movie first drew me in, I just wanted to see some of my favorite actors have fun on screen and in that respect it fully delivered.

Sleeping With Other People may not be the most inventive story ever told on film but it certainly is engaging. The characters were endearing and the story wasn’t too stereotypical for my liking, the movie is available on Netflix if anybody wants to check it out.

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