Crammed With Pete: A Review of the You Made it Weird Podcast

Unnumbered Podcast #1



Today I am going to do something a little different. I don’t know if this has ever been done before, I have never seen it, but today I’m going to review a podcast.

You Made It Weird is a weekly podcast run by the Comedian Pete Holmes. Pete Holmes has a television show called Crashing coming out sometime next year and hosted his own talk show, The Pete Holmes show, which ran for two seasons. Pete Holmes is also a stand up comedian and has released to specials. His podcast, which has been running since 2011, was a mild obsession of mine for a while.

Every week Holmes brings in a special guest to interview. What’s interesting about the show, and podcasts in general, is that the interview style is so different from traditional talk shows. The interviews on You Made it Weird are more like conversations between friends.

This conversational style of interviewing is perfect for Holmes because he loves to talk. You can separate his podcast into two parts, one part where Holmes is asking the guest questions and being engaged in the interview process of the podcast and the second part where Holmes is steering the conversations to topics of his own interest. Unfortunately sometimes it feels like Holmes is using the podcast as a soapbox to tell the world his opinions. Lately, when listening to the show I completely skip the last section of the podcast where they talk about religion because this section is always crammed with Pete’s opinions.


But the reason the show is so successful is because Holmes has such a strong personality and even when interviewing charming and charismatic celebrities he commands control of the conversation. Besides that, many of the things Holmes chooses to talk about are fascinating. I can listen to many of the episodes where Holmes and a guest talk about comedy over and over again. Episodes where Pete goes into his personal life and divorce are always engrossing. Plus the podcast is funny. It is really and truly a podcast that makes me laugh, which even with the surplus of comedy we seem to have these days, is kind of rare.

For anyone who wants to get into the podcast some of my favorite episodes are Episode 12: Anthony Jeselnik, Episode 175: Eric Andre, Episode 83: Live at SF Outside Lands, and Episode 91: Thomas Middleditch. But I think the best place to start for a beginner is at the beginning, at episode 1, but after you get a feel for the podcast feel free jump around as much as you want.

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