Broken Promises: A (sort of) Review of Godzilla(2014)

Unnumbered Movie Review #2



James Rolfe of the Angry Video Game Nerd series just did a review of the 2014 version of Godzilla and it inspired me to give my own thought’s own the film. This is going to be a less in depth review than my regular posts because I’m just going to give some big picture criticisms of the film.

Okay, so the first time I saw any piece of this film was in this teaser trailer and this thing got me so excited. Based on what I saw in that trailer I thought this was going to be the best movie of the year. But what we got was a lot different from what that teaser trailer promised and that’s my man complaint about this film. It’s that the movie isn’t what I thought it would be, or it’s not what that trailer promised me it would be.

What I wanted Godzilla to be or what I thought that trailer was promising was a Godzilla movie where human civilization is already almost completely destroyed. After all of these Godzilla movie’s where Godzilla is on the brink of destroying the world, how cool would a movie be if you started with the world already destroyed? I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

How I wanted the movie to play out was like this. I wanted the movie to open and humanity is already almost completely wiped out, life on earth is an ongoing nightmare for whoever is still alive. But there are pockets of human civilization around the globe that ban together and conspire to take their planet back. The movie follows a team of paratroopers skydiving into a destroyed city (just like in that trailer) to finally kill Godzilla and save humanity. There can be more monsters in the movie, but there doesn’t have to be. I don’t know that’s just what I wanted in the back of my mind when I saw that trailer. And the movie we got instead of that, it was pretty good, but it’s just not what I hoped for.

Okay those are all my thoughts for now. If anyone is actually reading this, please feel free to follow this blog!

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